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about us

“Local Cultural Museum Program” is practiced by two stages, it enhances to activate folk cultural itality and represent local living experiences. Moreover, it assists multi types of museums develop, accumulates different cultural connotation, and creates Taiwan characteristic feature. The program contributes the establishment of cultural activities points that are combined of spirit and quality of museum, and provides abundant cultural resource to the local. Furthermore, developing high quality cultural environment is close to and suit to local need.

Base on the principle and in order to enhance localize and sustainable development of local culture museum, Ministry of Culture absorbs spirit of “The Museum Act” and processes “Museums and Local Cultural Museum Develop Program” which is authorized by Executive Yuan from 2016 to 2021. The program aims to let cultural construction roots and implements on the local and to become the bedrock of stable national development.

Responding to 2016 “Museums and Local Cultural Museum Development Program”, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government establishes “Taichung Cultural Facility Promotion Office”. Within it, a professional team provides knowledge and skills to assist Taichung Government and Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government to draft principles of Taichung museums and local culture museum promotion. Furthermore, the team also acts as the platform of Taichung government and each local culture museum. Building integrated and cooperate mechanism of museums and local culture museum, and promoting related business together.

In 2016, Ministry of Culture authorizes implement development of one Taichung city museum (Museum of Fiber Arts, Taichung), and one integrated and cooperated platform which includes seven local culture museums (Taiwan Folk Art Museum, The establishment of Fengyuan museum, The Artist Archive Of Taichung City, Taichung Zhongzheng Memorial Hall, Mingdao Contemporary Literature Hall, Taichung Literature Museum, and Taichung Broadcasting Bureau). Therefore, this website is major to introduce these eight halls and their activities, and according to each year authorize halls to adjust website content.